Vintage Photographs
A Note about Our Vintage Material
These items have been collected, purchased, sold, and even repurchased, over the past 50 years. All items are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted. Some are used (such as the back issue periodicals), but many are not (such as the Vintage Photographs). Almost all items are of limited quantities that, once sold, may not be available again. Prices are NOT negotiable. Because there are natural variations between new items, such as photographs, as well as, quality variations between used items, vintage materials are sold from best quality to least. Vintage items are NOT returnable, excepting when damaged via shipment. According to available records and to the best of our knowledge where applicable, all models were at least 18 years of age when they were photographed.

Photographs by Bruce of L.A.
Original Black and White photos by a photography master.

Photographs by Colt/Target
Mostly photos from Target Studios with some Colt shots thrown in.

Photographs by Kensington Road
Original Black and White and Color photos.

More Photographs.
More and More Photos!
Vintage Photographs
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