Vintage Photographs by Bruce of L.A.

All of our Bruce of L.A. photos are originals, on heavy paper with the classic white border. All photos are stamped with the Bruce signature, as it appears below. Who applied the stamp and when it was applied is not known. Those that are stamped with their catalogue and numerical sequence are noted so under Markings/Condition. All photos are in good condition unless noted under Markings/Condition.

Dave Allen

David Anderson

Kirk Bond

Gerry Bradley

Bill Broomes

Drew Burton

Darrell Chaney

Bobby Clark

Robert Collier

Roger Cook

Ronnie Crow

Chipper Cunningham

Scotty Cunningham

Kim Dennis

Danny Dewhiz

Joe Ford

Kim Fox

Terry Frost

David Gregory

Jack Harte

Bart Horne

Brian Idol

Tommy Lee

Steve Lewis

Bo Lindstrum

Boots Murphy

Hugh Pendleton

Lou Phillips

Charlie Rame

Paul Rehus

Ray Robirds

John Skaggs

John Sommers

Wil Sommers

Sommers Twins

Steve Frome Spurgeon

Sam Stall

Keith Stephen

Bob Storm

Paul Strand

Jerry Sullivan

John Weidmann


Gunnar Wilde

Rory Wilde

Lewis Williams

Chuck Zumwalt

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Vintage Photographs by Bruce of L.A.
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