Vintage Photographs by Kensington Road

All of our Kensington photos are originals, on heavy paper. All photos are in good condition unless noted under Markings/Condition.

Kensington Road continued the tradition established by Bruce Bellas (Bruce of LA). Some of the earlier Kensington photos are actually second printings of Bruce originals with out Bruce's classic white border. For more information on Bruce, please visit our Bruce of LA section.

Jim Adams

Barry Adkins

Dave Allen

Andy Anderson

David Anderson

Tabby Anderson

Norman Baker

Mel Bates


Danny Boettcher

Kirk Bond

Gerry Bradley

Jim Burbon

Jerome Burns

Drew Burton

Robert Butler

Darrell Chaney

Bobby Clark

Roger Cook

Don Crater

Toby Cunningham

Scotty Cunningham

Julian Dante

Kim Dennis


Bert Edwards

Steve Espie

Tony Evans

Lew Fajaro

Anthony Falco

Al Fong

Kim Fox

Terry Frost

Gene Fugote

Ed Furry

David Gregory

Jim Guissi

Chuck Hall

Jack Harte

Al Herz

Craig Holt

Bart Horne

Danny Hyde

Brian Idol

Henry Jones

Bob Karpel

Mike Kevin

Paul Krise

Kim Larue

Danny Levitt

Steve Lewis

Bo Lindstrum

Joe Litel

Jim Manning

Tony Marshall

Eugene McGlothean

Tony Melia

Glen Mills

Ron Moore

Bud Mucci

Joe Napoli


Mike Norlan

Pat O'Hara

Garry O'Neill

Fred Orlando

Hugh Pendleton

Terry Persons

Marty Pester

Ray Piel

Sam Pierre

Charlie Ram

Ray Robirds

George Rugg

Al Sanada

Leal Scott

John Skaggs

John Sommers

Terry Sommers

Steve Frome Spurgeon

Mike Sterns

Bob Storm

Paul Strand

John Stumps

Jerry Sullivan

Emil Swoboda

Art Ullrich

Peter Vail

Ron Wallace

Tom Wayne

Steve Wengryn

Gunnar Wilde

Rory Wilde

Wilde Brothers

Tony Wilson

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Vintage Photographs by Kensington Road
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