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Hello and thank you for coming to our site. We are Peter and Vince. The collection of new and vintage items gathered here come from many sources spanning more than 75 years of our rich gay history. We have brought together the best of the past and present offering you a unique buying opportunity. Since we do not have a brick and mortar store with demanding high overhead with high prices, we are able to offer lower sale prices, even on our one of a kind items. We have gathered our collection with a keen eye to items that bought today will increase in value tomorrow. Please be assured that we give each customer personal attention, describe each item we offer for sale accurately, particularly the vintage items that show their age, so you will not find any hype here, just old fashioned sincere customer service. Many of what we have is truly one of a kind and once sold will not be replaced by us, so we urge you to buy sooner than later. We are also continuing to catalogue and add more of our collection to the site as time allows. Finally, let us assure you that all contact with us is strictly confidential, no email is or will ever be revealed to anyone or sold and all of your orders will be mailed in absolute discretion. Both of us thank you for your interest in our site and we hope you will find something, many things, of interest to you.

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Peter and Vince

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