Exit To Eden
Exit To Eden
Exit To Eden
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  • Written by: Anne Rice
  • Publisher: Ballantine
  • ISBN: 0-345-40196-4
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Product Description
for Exit To Eden

There is Lisa: They call her the Perfectionist. A stunning, mysterious, and fearless sexual adventurer, she is founder and supreme mistress of The Club--an expensive, exclusive island resort where forbidden fantasy meets willing flesh.

There is Elliott: A thrill-seeking photographer who has risked his life in war zones around the world. Now he is committed to the ultimate plunge into personal risk--exploring his darkest sexual self.

Join them on a journey to the limits of erotic pleasure and beyond. Surrender to the tantalizing wonders of the imagination behind the spellbinding sensuality of The Vampire Chronicles. Take leave of the world you know--and step into Eden. . . .

About the Author
of Exit To Eden
Anne Rice lives in New Orleans with her husband, the poet and painter Stan Rice, and her son, the novelist Christopher Rice.
Exit To Eden
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