Party Girls
Party Girls
Party Girls
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  • Written by: Roz Bailey
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Life's A Party, If You Can Get In

Bestselling novelist Zoey McGuire is positive that the only man who will ever see her naked again is her gynecologist. It certainly won't be her conniving ex-husband. Now, penniless and apartment-less, Zoey is heading back to the city that never sleeps…and where trouble never snoozes…

Trouble is Jade Cohen's favorite pastime. The raven-haired real estate agent loves to help her clients “christen” every room of their fabulously luxe apartments, but she has no interest in taking the keys for good. Why search for the “L” word when the big “O” is so much more fun?

African American actress Marielle Griffin doesn't have time to worry about men. She's too busy working on her career, which is supposed to be “Broadway Star,” not “Professional Waitress.” Until she gets that big break, she's bartending at Manhattan hot spot Club Vermillion, hoping for both a call from her agent—and a booty call from a certain delicious club owner…

Armed with each other—and the occasional stiff drink—these three best friends are picking up the pieces and taking Manhattan by storm: on the streets, between the sheets, and everywhere in between…

About the Author
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When Roz Bailey was five she danced on the cocktail table at the summer cottage while the adults weren't looking and quickly learned that a very ordinary moment could be parlayed into extraordinary fiction. After winning two poetry awards, in suburban Maryland (with thanks to the nuns at St. Philip Neri), all roads led to bull…er, fiction. Roz still enjoys dancing, cocktails, and summer places. She lives in New York City with two roommates who also enjoy living beyond their means.
Party Girls
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