Any Kind of Luck
Any Kind of Luck
Any Kind of Luck
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  • Written by: William Jack Sibley
  • Publisher: Kensington
  • ISBN: 0-7582-0255-5
  • Number of Pages: 288
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Grit, Texas Is A Helluva Long Way From Christopher Street…

That’s Manhattan hand model Clu Latimore’s first thought upon returning to his hometown with Chris, his laid-back lover, in tow. Almost immediately, Clu is up to his stylish cut in problems that include caring for a dying mother and her pack of prize-winning Chihuahuas, as well as initiating the incredulous Chris into the reality of life in the land of blue bonnets, barbecue, and Baptists.

Clu’s siblings are beyond useless. His eternally-broke redneck brother is obsessed with unearthing treasure behind the abandoned house next door. And his perpetually pregnant—yet still childless—sister has troubles of her own, thanks to her jailbird accountant husband. It’s up to Clu to support to their mother, Bettie Jean, who is on the verge not only of death, but marriage—to a Mexican-American evangelist.

But family woes are merely the opening act. Enter Clu’s former piano teacher and Grit’s grand dame, Miss Oveta Canfield—who intends to transform the local livestock barn into a dinner theater with a little help from Mr. Jeffrey, her sixty-something hairdresser-slash-adopted son. Before you can say “Agamemnon,” Clu has been recruited to direct a country-western musical version of the Greek tragedy—starring none other than Mr. Jeffrey’s shockingly virile offspring, Preston.

Before Clu’s odyssey is over, there will be a wedding, a birth, a funeral and, of course, a no-holds-barred production of “Agamemnon—The Musical.” Convinced he’s seen everything, Clu can’t help wondering how long a couple of gay New Yorkers can possibly survive in a dry country crawling with Bible thumpers, fire ants, and temptation in the last place they ever expected to find it…

About the Author
of Any Kind of Luck
William Jack Sibley is a screenwriter and playwright who divides his time between Los Angeles and a ranch in Texas. A former writer for Interview magazine and TV’s “The Guiding Light,” several of his screenplays are in various stages of “Hollywood Hell” and (should he live long enough) will be coming to a cineplex near you—Amor, Dead Giveaway, December Story, Approximate Lives, and the award-winning Where All the Rattlesnakes Are Born.
Any Kind of Luck
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