Decorated to Death
Decorated to Death
Decorated to Death
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  • Written by: Dean James
  • Publisher: Kensington
  • ISBN: 0-7582-0485-X
  • Copyright: 2004
  • Number of Pages: 232
  • Medium: Hardcover
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Product Description
for Decorated to Death

Not everyone can claim both Hercule Poirot and Nancy Drew as inspiration. Of course, not everyone is a vampire sleuth from the States who pulled up stakes to live in a small English village. Even the eccentric denizens of Snupperton Mumsely might be surprised by Simon Kirby-Jones’s rather unusual lifestyle. But murder is a more than adequate distraction when a visiting celebrity meets his maker—and Simon must suss out a killer…

Hardly one to become star-struck, Simon nevertheless deigns to attend a tea at Blitherington Hall in honor of celebrity interior designer Zeke Harwood, star of the popular television show, Très Zeke. The self-acclaimed King of Home Decorating makes it immediately obvious that he’s there to give the drawing room a makeover—not make friends.

So, it’s little shock to Simon when the drama-queen decorator meets his demise; he’s only surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. With the corpse covered in red paint, catching the killer red-handed ought to be easy. But seemingly everyone wanted him dead—from the displeased lady of the manor to the show’s disgruntled producer. In a locked room puzzle worthy of Agatha Christie, Simon must peel away layers of lies to reveal who killed the decorator in the drawing room with a blunt instrument.

Only a man with such discriminating taste as Simon can pick out a real killer from a room full of fakes—and ensure that justice is done in the harsh light of day...

Decorated to Death
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