Trust Fund Boys
Trust Fund Boys
Trust Fund Boys
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  • Written by: Rob Byrnes
  • Publisher: Kensington
  • ISBN: 0-7582-0544-9
  • Copyright: 2004
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Meet Brett Revere. First he invented his name. Now he's reinventing himself. A failed actor and recently fired temp, he's created a life centered on survival and hopefulness. (Think "Sweet Charity", but with bettershoes and less Fosse.) But plucky dosen't pay the rent. Rent money pays the rent. The kind of green that you can get if you use your charm and good looks to convince other people that you're already wealthy...which of course connects you to other wealthy people who are happy to buy you things as long as long as you're one of them. No wonder the rich stay rich.

Meet Jamie Brock. He appears to be the sort of person Brett's pretending to be: a confident trust fund baby who has it all. (Think tan. Think Preppy. Think adorable.) But the only confidence Jamie really has is of the "confidence game" variety. When Jamie and Brett meet by chance one night at the Penthouse, a watering hole for rich, older gay men and the younger men who love their wwallets, sparks fly...and they continue to fly even after they discover they're both playing the same game. So how can two handsome, thirty-ish guys make their way in New York's high society on a laughably low budget?

Now meet "Operation Hamptons"...Brett and Jamie’s cynical plan to integrate themselves into New York’s wealthy gay social circuit where the Sugar Daddies are plentiful and the living is easy. Before you can say, “How to Marry a Millionaire,” the two men are mixing it up with a “Velvet Mafia” of gay power-brokers, suspicious socialites, and social climbers, while running away from compromising Internet photos, creepy roommates, the constant threat of exposure, their own nagging consciences, and Astoria. They’ve got their work cut out for them, but their greatest challenge is this: Can true love prevail when both partners are basing their lives on deceit? Once you’ve lived as someone else, can you ever really get back to yourself? And if a gay man falls in a forest, and no one is there to hear it, who gets his suits?

In this inventive, witty novel of love and identity, Rob Byrnes—author of the diabolically funny The Night We Met—takes readers on a wild ride through the “good life,” where no scheme is too outrageous, no one is who he claims to be, and nothing is more risky than pinning your hopes on the real thing—if you can find it.

Trust Fund Boys
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