M2M: New Literary Fiction
M2M: New Literary Fiction
M2M: New Literary Fiction
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  • Edited by: Karl Woelz
  • Publisher: Atta Girl Press
  • ISBN: 0-929435-72-9
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Product Description
for M2M: New Literary Fiction

Some of the finest male writers of our age are gathered here, capturing in their literary craft what it means to be experiencing the 21st Century with a gay sensibility. This anthology presents the most recent work both of writers starting to make a name for themselves in the American literary world and writers who have already established their reputation in American letters.

Here for the first time in over a decade, Edmund White, Felice Picano, and Andrew Holleran, the surviving members of the famous New York Violet Quill writers group, are again published together. Their work is as powerful now as it was when they broke upon the literary scene. And the work of their fellow writers in this volume is honorable company for them to be keeping.

Karl Woelz, co-editor of the now-defunct Men on Men series, begun by the venerable George Stambolian in 1986, brings together a group of writers whose work will be increasingly read over the next decade. Many are already garnering high praise from literary critics.

In his Afterword, Woelz keenly assesses and sharply criticizes the publishing industry's recent treatment of gay writers. In his cogent essay, Woelz challenges readers of literary fiction to actively fight the increasing commercial brutalization of gay writers and their work. It in itself is reason to purchase this book.

About the Author
of M2M: New Literary Fiction
Karl Woelz is a recipient of both the Lambda Literary Award and the National Gay & Lesbian Press Association's Vice Versa Award. His short fiction, articles, and reviews have appeared in Best American Gay Fiction 2, Men on Men 6, Diversity & Social Work, The James White Review, Link, asspants, Cottonwood, The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide, Lambda Book Report, The Baltimore City Paper, and The Baltimore Alternative. He is the co-editor of Dutton/Plume's Men on Men 2000: Best New Gay Fiction for the Millennium.
M2M: New Literary Fiction
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