The Question of Sabotage
The Question of Sabotage
The Question of Sabotage
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  • Written by: Bonnie Morris
  • Publisher: Bella Books
  • ISBN: 0-9677753-8-8
  • Number of Pages: 224
  • Medium: Paperback
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Product Description
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Whiney but wonderfully brilliant Ceci Blum has packed up her physics books, fled her MIT lab with a stranger from a women`s bookstore, and is headed to her first Amazon Women`s Music Festival. As a `festi-virgin,` Ceci is by turns shocked, confused, and delighted by the curious world she encounters there. When the festival is sabotaged, however, she is stunned to find herself the object of suspicion. Determined to clear her reputation, Ceci challenges herself to apply the amazing intelligence that makes her a suspect to solve the mystery of who would bring trouble to The Festival.

As Ceci discovers a troubling force at work, she also learns about woman-centered justice from the older woman who captures her heart along the way.

Bonnie J. Morris` first novel is a charming, sexy tale of romance, intrigue, and coming of age and introduces one of the most appealing characters in recent lesbian literature. A Jewish lesbian daughter of holocaust survivors, Ceci approaches her world with a complex and appealing combination of caution, courage and passion in this story, which renders festival life in details that are funny, touching, and true.

The Question of Sabotage
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