Blood in My Hairspray
Blood in My Hairspray
Blood in My Hairspray
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  • Written by: Steven Schreibman
  • Publisher: 1st Books
  • ISBN: 1-4033-2616-9
  • Medium: Paperback
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for Blood in My Hairspray
Steven Schreibman captures the essence of modern gay life in this twisted, hilarious comedy of manners. Blood in My Hairspray is a laugh-out-loud novel, gleefully mixing elements from across the pop culture landscape into a whole new genre. Unapologetically gay and loaded with sass, Blood in My Hairspray slices its way through the world of hotshot hairdresser Damian Shtup, who finds himself the target of a mysterious stalker following the accidental death of a Mafia wife inside his salon. Luckily, hes got hot-bodied cop Edgar Ramirez on his side, and together they solve one messy crime--and more. Fast-paced dialogue and memorable characters spring to life in a story full of passion, pathos and faaaabulous hair!
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of Blood in My Hairspray
A former Manhattanite, Steven Schreibman now lives in Ohio, where he toils in obscurity and dreams of finding the perfect mate. Blood in My Hairspray is his first novel.
Blood in My Hairspray
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