Heather Has Two Mommies
Heather Has Two Mommies
Heather Has Two Mommies
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  • Written by: Leslea Newman
  • Publisher: Alyson Books
  • ISBN: 1-55583-543-0
  • Number of Pages: 32
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Originally copublished with Other Words Publishing in 1989, Heather Has Two Mommies became the first title in Alyson’s newly formed Alyson Wonderland imprint in 1990. The simple and straightforward story of a little girl named Heather and her two lesbian mothers was created by Newman and illustrator Diana Souza because children’s books that reflected a nontraditional family did not exist, but a firestorm of controversy soon ensued. Attacked by the religious right, lambasted by Jesse Helms from the floor of the U.S Senate, and stolen from library shelves, it was an uphill battle for Heather. Thanks to the overwhelming support of booksellers, librarians, parents, and children, however, Heather Has Two Mommies has sold over 35,000 copies and launched a minor industry in providing books for the children of gay and lesbian parents and, as attested to by a recent New Yorker cartoon, become part of the cultural lexicon. In response to teacher and librarian concerns, the often controversial artificial insemination section has been removed for the tenth anniversary edition, making Heather more accessible to younger children while maintaining the central message of love and acceptance that has endeared the book to countless readers. After all, as Molly, Heather’s beloved teacher points out, “The most important thing about a family is that all the people in it love each other.”

A note about the new edition

Readers familiar with Heather and her two mommies will notice some changes in the text. The feedback I have received over the past decade from teachers, children’s book experts, parents, librarians, child psychologists, and kids has steered me to make several changes in this new anniversary edition. The text is shorter, as I was told many, many times that there were just too many words for children in this age group to listen to. Also, the pages that detail Heather’s conception and birth are no longer part of the story. Over the years I have heard from countless parents who wanted to bring Heather into their child’s classroom, but were afraid that the explicit explanation of how Heather came to be was a huge deterrent in getting the book read at story time. Many teachers felt the same way. And since omitting those pages did not compromise the story or the message of the book (which is, as Molly tells Heather’s classmates and thus children reading the book, “The most important thing about a family is that all the people in it love each other”), I decided to forgo these pages in the hope that Heather, along with her message of respecting and celebrating all types of families, would reach as wide an audience as possible.--Lesléa Newman

About the Author
of Heather Has Two Mommies

Lesléa Newman is the author of five children’s books for nontraditional families: Heather Has Two Mommies, Saturday is Patty Day, Belinda’s Bouquet, Gloria Goes to Gay Pride, and the forthcoming Thea’s Throw.

The art of Diana Souza flows from the joy of an open heart. She lives and works wherever dreams call and dares all people to love each other and stay in tune with the soul.

Heather Has Two Mommies
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