The Evil That Boys Do
The Evil That Boys Do
The Evil That Boys Do
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  • Written by: T.P. Van Adler
  • Publisher: Alyson Books
  • ISBN: 1-55583-660-7
  • Number of Pages: 304
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Product Description
for The Evil That Boys Do
Brocard and Zinka, the improbably paired detective team from St. Agatha's Breast, are back for a second round with murderous art thieves and other sordid shenanigans of the high and mighty. After the Italian monastery where he has been living collapses, Father Brocard Curtis takes a position as a chaplain in a private prison, nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania's Amish country. One suspicious death and several cryptic notes later, Brocard begins to suspect there is more going on in his prison then the usual sadistic sex, cigarette trading, and dubious religious experiences. Even more strangely, the prison's contraband trade has connections to a precious Caravaggio painting, The Nativity, missing from the Oratory of San Lorenzo in Palermo. So he calls in Zinka, the towering, transsexual art historian, who is bored to tears living in Paris with her proper librarian girlfriend, and soon the two friends are hot on a trail of corruption that runs from Brocard's rural prison to the center of Mafia power. The Evil That Boys Do is on one hand a fast-paced mystery, while on the other it delivers a scathing indictment of privately run prisons and indeed the entire criminal justice system. Rich in "How could he possibly know that?" detail, the mysterious, pseudonymous TC Van Adler once again presents a novel in which the victimized and the marginalized triumph over the mighty and intellect and a slightly skewed sense of humor get you through just about anything.
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of The Evil That Boys Do
TC Van Adler is the pseudonym of an author who knows a great deal more than he is telling.
The Evil That Boys Do
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