Fluffers, Inc.
Fluffers, Inc.
Fluffers, Inc.
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  • Written by: Hank Edwards
  • Publisher: Alyson Books
  • ISBN: 1-55583-750-6
  • Number of Pages: 216
  • Medium: Paperback
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Product Description
for Fluffers, Inc.
Charlie Heggensford is fresh off a farm in Idaho when he stumbles (literally) into the office of Fluffers, Inc., where his natural talents are quickly put to use getting male porn stars in the "mood" to perform. Along with the rest of the gang at Fluffers, Inc., Charlie encamps on a serious of hilarious and sexy misadventures.
About the Author
of Fluffers, Inc.
Hank Edwards has written erotic fiction for Honcho, Mach, Bear, and FQ. This is his first novel.
Fluffers, Inc.
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