Death By Discount
Death By Discount
Death By Discount
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  • Written by: Mary Vermillion
  • Publisher: Alyson Books
  • ISBN: 1-55583-863-4
  • Copyright: 2004
  • Number of Pages: 275
  • Medium: Paperback
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Product Description
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Nothing short of murder is going to drag 30-something Mara Gilgannon back to her dinky hometown of Aldoburg, Iowa. So murder it is, and Mara finds herself back in the heartland, helping her Aunt Zee keep her struggling radio station alive while unraveling clues surrounding the murder of Glad, Zee's longtime partner. Mara begins to suspect that Glad's vocal opposition to a Wal-Mart opening in the town, an issue that has sharply divided Aldoburg, may have more to do with the murder than antigay bias, as was originally supposed. But nothing is ever as simple as small-town life would have you believe--as Mara and her roommate, Vince, quickly discover when they become amateur sleuths. First, Mara butts heads with the chief of police, who'd stolen her first girlfriend when they were both in high school. Then she becomes rattled by the attention of a beautiful rookie police officer, whos conducting her own investigation. On top of all that, Mara loses her prime suspect, a vocal proponent of Wal-Mart, when hes run over by a car--twice. Someone in town has taken the issue of the corporatization of rural America to a deadly new level!
Death By Discount
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