That Man from C.A.M.P.
That Man from C.A.M.P.
That Man from C.A.M.P.
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  • Written by: Victor J. Banis
  • Publisher: Harrington Park Press
  • ISBN: 1-56023-448-2
  • Copyright: 2004
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Product Description
for That Man from C.A.M.P.

Resourceful as James Bond, flamboyant as Austin Powers, and gay as a Christmas goose, there’s never been a secret agent quite like Jackie Holmes, the Man from C.A.M.P.

Writing under a series of noms de plume, Victor J. Banis played a primary role in creating a new genre: gay pulp fiction. Southern Tier Editions and Fabio Cleto, one of the true authorities on the camp phenomenon, are proud to bring back three tongue-in-cheek novellas—and a revealing interview with the author—together in one volume. These fast-paced stories, written and set in the swinging sixties and unavailable for over three decades, will introduce a new generation of readers to the fabulous adventures of gay superspy Jackie Holmes, the Man from C.A.M.P. Armed with a cache of secret weapons, a body that just won’t quit, and a white poodle called Sophie who’s trained to kill with her razor-sharp teeth, the blonde bombshell with a license to thrill known as Jackie Holmes will blow you away!

Espionage! Danger! International Intrigue! And Hot Gay Sex!

In The Man from C.A.M.P., Jackie must use his skills as a world-class expert in gemology, expert marksman, Bugatti mechanic, and irresistible sexpot to stop a gay diamond counterfeiting ring whose illicit activities could ruin the diamond industry and destabilize the world economy! Saddled with a loveable, yet straight-as-an-arrow G-man for a partner, Jackie must use all of his expertise—both in espionage and in steamy man-to-man sexuality—to put the culprits out of action.

In Holiday Gay, the Man from C.A.M.P. comes for Christmas! In this erotically charged adventure, Jackie Holmes takes on his arch-nemesis Birdie Wing (a villain as sinister and colorful as any from the Batman television series) and his fiendish gang of gay midget outlaws, the Swallows. Add a cadre of sinister Santas and dozens of missing jewels to the mix and you’ve got a plot that can only be unraveled by the Man from C.A.M.P.

Finally, The Son Goes Down finds Jackie balls-deep in international intrigue, investigating a bizarre kidnapping ring that takes him from L.A. to Tijuana and on to Lisbon. Scrumptious, blonde American boys are being abducted, force-fed an aphrodisiac potion, and put to work as sexual servants in overseas brothels. It’s up to the Man from C.A.M.P.—the secret organization dedicated to the protection of and advancement of homosexuals everywhere—to set things right. He’ll need all of his wiles, training, and irresistible sex appeal to close this case, but as always, he’ll do his best to get his man in the end.

Readers interested in the camp phenomenon, or simply hankering for a good detective story, will do well to bring home the amazing adventures of the Man from C.A.M.P. Jackie Holmes is one of the most remarkable characters in fiction and the humor, eroticism, and out-and-out cleverness of author Victor Banis has never been more sorely needed.

That Man from C.A.M.P.
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