Ice Sculptures: A Novel of Hollywood
Ice Sculptures: A Novel of Hollywood
Ice Sculptures: A Novel of Hollywood
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  • Written by: Michael D. Craig
  • Publisher: Harrington Park Press
  • ISBN: 1-56023-481-4
  • Copyright: 2004
  • Number of Pages: 190
  • Medium: Paperback
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Product Description
for Ice Sculptures: A Novel of Hollywood

What must a closeted, gay actor do to achieve stardom—and to keep his secret from destroying his career? To the entire world, Timothy Race is the most popular and masculine film star around. Graced with one of the most beautiful faces and bodies in Hollywood, he's been the undisputed King of the Box Office since making his theatrical debut. On the arm of his longtime friend—the stunning, acclaimed actress Raina Hawthorne—he appears to have it all. Things aren't always as they seem however, especially in the land of fantasy and the factory of dreams known as Hollywood.

Heartbreak, drugs, and deception . . .

The truth is, Tim is living the ultimate showbiz lie; he's a gay man posing as America's finest example of heterosexuality. Overcome by insecurities about his career and devastated by the end of an eleven-year relationship with his agent and longtime lover, drugs seem like the perfect solution until his life begins to spiral out of control and he is forced into a drug treatment clinic by the film studio that practically owns his life.

Finding love where you least expect it . . .

Determined to reclaim his life in his own way, Tim breaks out of rehab. He heads for San Diego, looking to score easy drugs and sex in the city's world famous Balboa Park. There, he meets Jaime, an illegal immigrant who has been reduced to turning tricks for older gay men just to survive. Jaime is beautiful and young, not yet hardened by street life. Tim sees something in Jaime's hypnotic and soulful eyes, something he believes has been missing from his own life. So begins a beautiful yet tragic love story, a story as touching as it is unforgettable.

Can their relationship survive, a relationship that defies all logic and threatens to destroy the dazzling career that Tim has spent years of hard work building? Spanning fourteen years and four continents, The Ice Sculptures moves deftly from the Academy Awards to Tinseltown casting couches; from the set of a television soap opera to the teeming streets of Mexico City and the glamour of London and Manhattan; from a movie location deep in the Malaysian rainforest to a lavish and unexpected Hawaiian wedding. The Ice Sculptures, by best-selling author Michael D. Craig (The Totally Awesome 80s Pop Music Trivia Book and Who's That Girl? The Ultimate Madonna Trivia Book) is the ultimate Hollywood saga, the one you were never supposed to read about!

Ice Sculptures: A Novel of Hollywood
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