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  • Written by: Gary Glickman
  • Publisher: Harrington Park Press
  • ISBN: 1-56023-504-7
  • Copyright: 2004
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Product Description
for Aura

"Some people just have their own innate, unique voice within them that has to come out."

Aura is a tale of five friends-ambitious artists all-who live and play together in New York in the mid-seventies. Each knows for certain that they all will achieve the recognition they deserve-that they each have that certain something essential for a fulfilling and meaningful life. As the years pass, some find their success right away while others remain in obscurity. Their relationships are tumultuous-romances erupt and change as readily as their perceptions of success. Two decades later, will each be able to look back and see the real accomplishments?

Jane Purse-filled with cutthroat determination-sells her first novel immediately after college. Unwavering in her drive for celebrity, can she live with the casualties her ambition leaves behind?

Richy Glass-a promiscuous and carefree gay playwright-has the ambition but no plans. His immediate goals are to find a great place to live and have lots of sex. His life is full of fun and adventure, but will they be enough to sustain him in the future?

Leo Lupovitz-wealthy and contemptuous-aspires to be a renowned painter and poet, but is pressured by his family to become a doctor first. Unable to have everything, he is embittered by the artistic pursuits of his friends. Will he recognize his achievements or will regret and envy obscure all but his failures?

Annie Meyerwitz-an intuitive, aspiring actress-is the only one who recognizes how high the odds are against all of them becoming famous. She loves her friends, always has a kind word, and appreciates the goodness in people. Can she reach above them to put herself first?

Jimmy Swope-the sexy gay actor-is the last to join their clan. Full of passion and romance, he longs for a life-bond with Richy who's too full of shameless vigor to let even one sexual opportunity pass him by. Will Jimmy have the relationship he desires or is he destined to a life of longing and loneliness?

Aura rounds out this delightful cast with a lonely, rich widow-landlord, vulnerable despite herself to Richy's wooing and his Jewish background, an ex-Diva acting teacher, and an eccentric, desperate, and dangerous group of Jane Purse's East Village fans. This book offers an eye-opening look at New York City in the seventies and eighties, and gives an insider's view of young, cutthroat performers and writers, Jews of the Upper West Side, WASP enclaves far from the dangerous city, penthouse perversities, and tenement dreaming. This is a compelling story of love, betrayal, violence, and heroic hopefulness, reflecting the turmoil of those times!

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