The Blue Mask
The Blue Mask
The Blue Mask
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  • Written by: Joel Lane
  • Publisher: Serpents Tail
  • ISBN: 1-85242-688-8
  • Copyright: 2003
  • Number of Pages: 224
  • Medium: Paperback
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Product Description
for The Blue Mask
One night, after a row with his lover, Neil follows a stranger onto a canal towpath. The stranger turns on him and attacks. He viciously carves up Neil's face, leaving him mutilated -beyond recognition. Neil's recovery, through surgical reconstruction and sexual alienation, forces him to question every value he's ever had, and his attempt to track down his mysterious attacker is a search for his own hidden, destructive self. The Blue Mask is a hardcore emotional trip that explores the trauma of change and the nature of violence and love.
The Blue Mask
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