The Eunuch Neferu
The Eunuch Neferu
The Eunuch Neferu
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  • Written by: Daniel Marsche
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  • ISBN: 1-891855-54-9
  • Copyright: 2004
  • Number of Pages: 264
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In the first century BC, following the Roman annexation of Egypt, Kebryn, a young, bi-racial, Hebrew- Egyptian boy toils away in the sun baked fields unknowingly indentured as collateral for his fathers debts.

Enduring the hardships of poverty and slave labor, he is discovered by Aurelius, a retired, Roman general who mourns the loss of his nephew and lover, Germanicus. The smitten Aurelius barters for the young Kebryn's freedom and takes him from the barren, desert dwelling of his rearing into the lavish, marble halls of Alexandria. Aurelius' villa is located within the Ptolemaic compound, once inhabited by Cleopata VII. Now, immersed in the influence of the new Roman-Egyptian world, Kebryn will rise from ignorant peasantry to cultured aristocracy. The price for such a privilege, however, is the sacrifice of his natural progression into Manhood.

The Eunuch Neferu
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