Bastard Out Of Carolina
Bastard Out Of Carolina
Bastard Out Of Carolina
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  • Directed by: Anjelica Huston
  • Starring: Jennifer Jason Leigh,Ron Eldard,Lyle Lovett,Glenne Headly,Dermot Mulroney,Christina Ricci,Laura Dern
  • Copyright: 1996
  • Length (Minutes): 101
  • Medium: DVD
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Product Description
for Bastard Out Of Carolina

America's most talked about film based on the book by noted lesbian author Dorothy Allison.

Anney Boatwright (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is a young and single mother trying to raise a family in South Carolina in the 1950's. Anney and her daughter Bone (Jena Malone) share a deep and loving bond but Anney's new husband and Bone's new stepfather becomes jealous of the powerful bond between mother and daughter.

Based on the best-selling novel by Dorothy Allison, Bastard Out Of Carolina is rounded out by an outstanding ensemble case that includes Llye Lovett, Glenne Headly and Christina Ricci.

Warning: Bastard Out of Carolina is a very graphic film and may be difficult viewing for survivors of child abuse.

Bastard Out Of Carolina
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