Photograph of David Anderson by Bruce of L.A. #BRDAAN1018
Photograph of David Anderson by Bruce of L.A. #BRDAAN1018
Photograph of David Anderson by Bruce of L.A. #BRDAAN1018
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  • Photographer: Bruce of L.A.
  • Model: David Anderson
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Product Description
for Photograph of David Anderson by Bruce of L.A. #BRDAAN1018

This Bruce of L.A. photo is an original, on heavy paper with the classic white border. The photo is stamped with the Bruce signature, as it appears below.

  • Model:David Anderson
  • Size:5X7
  • Format:BW
  • Photographer:BruceOfLA
  • Markings/Condition:#3074-2 stamped
About the Model and/or Photographer

"Bruce of Los Angeles was born Bruce Bellas in Nebraska in 1909. He became a schoolteacher and began photographing young men in the 1930s. The images were unique for the period because of their raw sexuality, but they ultimately led to Bruce's first (and only) arrest on obscenity charges. Consequently, he lost his job and moved to Southern California. He became friendly with Bob Mizer of Athletic Model Guild fame, and began shooting young bodybuilders at Muscle Beach. By the 50s, Bruce was a successful and well-known physique photographer. Bruce published 36 issues of his magazine, The Male Figure, made numerous 8mm films, and had a hand in publishing a short-lived magazine called The Private File, which featured frontal nudes and hard-ons. This was at the end of the 1960s, and by then Bruce was in poor health. He died while on vacation in Canada in July 1974.

"Bruce's work is important for various reasons, but I think its greatest accomplishment is that it presents images of men that are thoroughly unapologetic. They are of men who were open to posing for other men-no apologies, no excuses. Bruce was making images of men that had never been made before. It's impossible to imagine 20th-century photography without Bruce. He seemed to understand that the only thing to do was follow his desire. Bruce was among the very first to present homoerotic images of men that were about men first and homoeroticism second. His work seemed to say that men love to look at men and be looked at by them.

"He began his earliest photography by doing very erotic images of military guys and farm boys he'd picked up on the highway. His style eventually matured into a far more subdued type of imagery. I think Bruce went from his early "participant" approach to a more voyeuristic approach because he turned his vision into a business and, probably more importantly, because he aged. Bruce himself changed, and therefore his work changed with him."

-John Sonsini, from the forward to Bruce of Los Angeles

Photograph of David Anderson by Bruce of L.A. #BRDAAN1018
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