Drummer Magazine Issue 011
Drummer Magazine Issue 011
Drummer Magazine Issue 011
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  • Issue: 11
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  • Condition: Good
  • Articles:
    • Malecall/ Dear Sir
    • Interview: Chuck Stiehr: Drummer talks with a uniform fetishist.
    • Famous Sadists in History: Roger Wybot, former Parisian Police Chief, was a Master of police brutality.
    • The Hair Killer: Hairy Cock and balls? See Dwight Letchworth's solution, written and photographed by Bob Opel.
    • The Great "S&M Murder" Mystery?!: "Unwilling Martyrs," life and death in the Los Angeles Gay Community...by John Rowberry and Rue Dyllon.
    • Drummer Goes to the Leather Sabbat: Celebrating the Southern California Hawks' social event of the season.
    • Sea Fever: Kurt Kreisler's first piece of fiction in over a year.
    • The Leather Fraternity: Leathermen for your leather lifestyle.
    • The Leather Fraternity '77 Calendar: Hunky numbers for every month make this a very good year.
    • Movie Mayhem: Allen Eagles' "Maritime Tortures" treats us to seasicknes, cinema style.
    • Drummer View the Flicks
    • Drumbeats: The lighter side of S&M.
    • Drum: An original, just-for-DRUMMER comic strip by Britain's Bill Ward.
    • Leatherjournal: Bernie Prock and Toby Bailey urge caution with restraint.
    • Astrologic: Astrology for sadomasochists.
    • Capricorn: The sign of the goat, executed by one of America's most famous artists.
    • Book Report
    • With the Bike Clubs: M.C. activity down south
    • New York's Eagle: One of the all-time great leather bars
    • The Leather Bar Scene: Where Leathermen meet to beat.
    • Erotic Dots: This puzzler is a mutual effort.
    • In Passing
Drummer Magazine Issue 011
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